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//  Origin:  Los Angeles, CA
//  Genres:  Americana, Folk, Rock 
//  Years Active:  2006- Present
//  Label:  Modern Times Records
//  Website: Douglas Husar Media
Short Bio

Slice is a multi-instrumentalist Americana singer-songwriter based in Nashville. His songs range from subjects of heartbreak, loss, self-identity, love, and connectivity. His debut album Tales of Modern Times Vol. 1 was written while abroad in the UK and recorded in the rural desert plains of California. Slice seeks inspiration from all kinds of music and all kinds of people, in constant search of understanding how we communicate and articulate our ver thoughts and emotions, both through music and as people.

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Label: Echeverria Record, Luis M. E. |

Management: Artist Direct, Luis E |

Booking: Slice Bookingz, Luis Echeverria |

PR: Husar Media Pr, Douglas Husar |

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